Super Sucker Hydro Vac Service Inc. Coring technology is a significant cost savings alternative to common repair methods which often require large “open” excavations.

Utilizing our coring techniques and equipment, subsurface maintenance and other project work is conducted through small circular openings cut into the surface of the roadway or sidewalk. Subsequent hole excavation is quickly accomplished by Super Sucker Hydro Vac Service Inc.’s extensive fleet of hydrovac excavation trucks.

Upon completion of the required activities, the hole is properly backfilled and compacted, and the original core can be permanently re-instated. Restoration is complete and the excavation site is virtually invisible.


Applications include daylighting, water and gas valve box installation, pot-holing, sacrificial anode installation, cutting pole holes in sidewalks, and more.



  • Less traffic disruption and noise.
  • Quicker repair time compared to traditional road cuts
  • Can be driven on after 30 minutes


  • Companies save over 50% in site restoration costs.
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Less excavation waste sent to local landfill sites.


  • No open pit liability issues
  • All repair work can be completed from the surface
  • No reduction in long-term surface integrity (single wheel load of 50,000 lbs, 5x AASHTO H-25)



The coring truck sets up and cores a 12”, 18”, or 24” diameter hole, up to 22” in depth, through the sidewalk or roadway in just minutes.

concrete keyhole work


The core is extracted from the sidewalk or roadway using a core puller or crane, and safely set aside for future re-instatement

concrete keyhole work

HYDROVAC Excavation

Non-destructive hydrovac excavation is used to expose the infrastructure to allow repair or inspection work from the surface.

concrete keyhole work


After backfill and compaction, a bonding compound is inserted into the hole and the core is lowered into place. Careful manipulation ensures a flush and level fit.

concrete keyhole work

Site Re-Opening

With the original core re-instated, the excavation site is virtually invisible and can be reopened to traffic after only 30 minutes.

FINAL RESULT – A permanent restoration of the hard surface – no settling, no movement, no future repairs or maintenance required. That’s why we say…”We don’t cut any corners”.

concrete keyhole