Offering the latest in safe digging technology, and proven in use throughout Europe and around the world, our suction excavation (SE) trucks are the first units from Ox Equipment and MTS to be delivered to the North American market. A complementary service to hydro vac excavation, suction excavation utilizes the latest air flow technology to safely remove, excavate, and extract material without using water. The dry material flows through the boom-mounted dig tube and into a large onboard debris storage bin. The operator can then move the material for controlled disposal – on site for reuse or at an offsite facility for reclamation.


Suction excavation is the process by which high pressure air is used to break up dirt and material. This material is then vacuumed up into a truck via hose and can be disposed of either on site or a designated disposal site. This process has given us the capability to leave the materials on site since, for this specific method, we have removed the use of water.


slinger truck radius
  • Twin Fan Technology, 24,000 CFM.
  • 10 yd debris capacity
  • On site disposal capability
  • Hydraulic boom
  • 10’ dig tube
  • 30 ft on-board hose and 300 ft remote hose
  • Air lance and spade for safe digging
  • Mechanical for aggressive, all-clear excavation (no utilities present)


Utility and Engineering

  • Exposing buried utilities
  • Working in areas with existing utility lines, identified or unknown
  • Electrical underground fault repair


  • Vacuuming of accident debris or split loads
  • Cleaning of tunnels, pits or marginal areas
  • Cleaning of road inlets
  • Work on overhead areas and bridges


  • Ballast removal/cleaning
  • Undercutting
  • Utility locates
  • Ground water removal
  • Spill cleanup

Industrial Sites

  • Vacuuming of contaminated soil
  • Uncovering underground tanks
  • Emptying boilers, bunkers, silos, etc.
  • Non-Hazardous emergency spill cleanup
  • Filter/sludge removal

Building Construction

  • Removal of debris and construction waste
  • Clearing or removal of gravel on flat or green roofs
  • Uncovering exterior or foundation walls and underground tank
  • Emptying filled tanks, ponds and pools


  • Tree root protection
  • Soil exchange
  • Drainage of ponds and pools
  • Removal of unwanted fill