If you’re working on a construction project and worried about the availability of fresh concrete, then consider renting a mobile concrete mixer truck. Perfect for small batches of concrete work, mobile concrete mixers (or volumetric mixer trucks) provide the ability to design, create and calibrate high-quality concrete conveniently on site.

Compared to traditional drum mixing, this solution for concrete provides four big advantages, outlined below:

#1) Fresh Concrete For Your Jobsite

Having a concrete mixer on site means that the concrete you need will always be fresh when you need it, regardless of its intended application. A mobile mixer can be used for common applications including flowable fill, rapid setting concrete, pervious concrete, and wet and dry shotcrete.

With traditional batch plant concrete, time is needed to load and deliver the concrete to your site. This can cause the concrete to begin degrading and lose workability, making it a more difficult solution to work with.

Materials are stored in separate bins, so a fresh mix is consistently delivered each time.

Burlington Concrete Mixer

#2) Cost-Effective

Renting a mobile concrete mixer provides you with full control over your concrete delivery. Your ability to pay for what you need provides you with great project savings.

For remotely located construction sites or when the batch plant cannot be installed on site, a mobile concrete mixer truck provides the solution. No longer are you waiting for a concrete truck to arrive with delays like traffic and heavy demand impacting its timing and quality.

#3) Environmentally Friendly

Being able to mix the exact amount you need when you need it reduces the amount of concrete waste produced. This protects our environment and leads to cost savings since waste requires proper disposal.

Sometimes, it can be tricky to order the exact amount of concrete required for a project, which can lead to ordering more than necessary. With a mobile concrete mixer truck, you can simply make an additional amount that’s needed.

Concrete Truck Compartments

#4) Flexible Concrete Delivery

Like any regular concrete plant, mobile concrete mixers can be customized to meet your worksite’s exact requirements. No matter when you need it day or night, your concrete can be available in no time at all!

Colours, admixtures, and water can be modified to each concrete batch without ever needing to worry if the concrete is too hot or over mixed. Available products in our trucks include sand, unshrinkable fill (ufill), controlled density backfill and medium and high strength concrete. Fibre and air additives and custom mix ratios are available upon request.

The number of cubic metres and production rate varies depending on the mixer rented. Our system has a 7.5 m2 capacity, with numerous features available.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of using a mobile concrete mixer? Contact us today for more details or to reserve a mobile concrete mixer truck!