That’s A Lot of Wastewater

The infamous line from the leader of the A-Team is one that rings true on one of Super Sucker’s most recent and very complex projects at Richard’s Memorial Park in Mississauga, Ontario.

Peel Region required some extensive maintenance on a pumping station located in the park, which required an unprecedented amount – over 750,000 gallons of wastewater – be removed and transported to a nearby treatment facility.

There was just one key factor to this project: once the flow of all that wastewater reached a certain point, it could not be stopped.

Communication and coordination between everyone involved was pivotal in ensuring that this project could be completed without turning into an emergency situation. There were a couple of vacuum excavation service providers approached with the bid on this project, but only Super Sucker had the appropriate fleet diversity and industry connections to give this project a chance at succeeding in a manner that didn’t cost the city an exorbitant amount of money.

With planning developed by the municipality, WSP, Alfred Fach excavation, Kingdom Construction, Aqua Fast Flush and Super Sucker, there were a lot of moving parts that all needed to be managed, and all with an extremely small margin for error.

Tankers were brought in from Aqua and Bartels Environmental Services to handle the transportation of the wastewater, and a large selection of hydrovacs were assigned to handle back flow and provide extra support in case the flow of the wastewater overwhelmed the extraction points. Equipment needed to be positioned effectively to create as close to a “zero downtime” production line as possible.

With the wastewater reaching maximum flow, a tanker would fill up in approximately 9 minutes, which would prompt the hydrovacs to take over while tankers could be swapped out. Hydrovacs would reach capacity in approximately 4 minutes so crews had less than that to get a full tanker out, and bring an empty tanker into position. If anything were to go wrong during this process crews would have just over 2 minutes to correct any problems before being overtaken by the overpowering flow of wastewater.

Planning for a couple different types of emergency scenarios was done extensively during the safety talks leading up to this day, but thankfully, due to the communication between sub-contractors and the efficiency of the crews and equipment, all 750,000 gallons were successfully extracted and processed without incident.

There are a lot of hydrovac providers out there to choose from, but if you want the A-Team, you need an experienced provider with diverse equipment and fleet options, and there’s only one of those in Ontario.

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