The Top 5 Things To Consider When Coordinating Your Safe-Dig Equipment

The use of vacuum excavation equipment is the standard when digging around buried utilities and whether you schedule this equipment often, or have never done it before, our projects team can take you through the process to ensure your job requirements are met.

Our bullpen is a hive of busy project managers, sales reps, and dispatchers all working together to ensure that the right trucks in our fleet are sent out to the jobs where they’ll be most effective for our clients.

All of our vacs and support equipment are organized through a centralized system no matter where in Ontario you need them, so our Book-A-Truck hotline is the only number you need to know.

There are always a few things you’ll need to know before you book your truck, but because we’re not like most providers that typically supply the same truck for all jobs, there are things we can take into consideration that will increase the cost effectiveness and production on your site. We have a very wide and dynamic selection of vacuum excavation equipment, so in order to maximize the efficiencies on your jobsite, here’s a few tips on how we can dig a little deeper into your specific project.

Basic Pricing Awareness

There are a lot of hourly rates for vac trucks out there with a lot of variance and even if you select the lowest hourly rate, that by no means ensures that your vacuum excavation project will be cost effective. By understanding that a vac truck’s hourly rate is the first of many costs during an excavation you can account for things like support crews and equipment, disposal fees, hauling charges and hydrovac (wet) versus dry vacs (suction excavators, or SE’s). Having a basic understanding of the cost of your entire excavation will help us understand where we can achieve efficiencies that save you more money.

Basic Job Scope

You need a hole dug safely in the vicinity of underground infrastructure – great! We specialize in that. But understanding (even rough estimates) of how much material you need to move, goes a long way to creating some of the cost effectiveness we can provide. With equipment available in different sizes, with different on-board tooling options, as well as rail kits or specialized applications, knowing what materials you’re moving as well as the quantity will allow us to dispatch the right tool for your job.

Got Locates?

This has been a saying of ours for so long, we had to trademark it. You cannot dig in the vicinity of buried utilities without having those flags and paint on the ground, it’s just that simple. The costs and fines associated with damaging underground infrastructure are not worth taking the chance, no matter how backlogged the locate line can be, or how quick an easy a dig it would be. Super Sucker has arranged ALA’s with some utility owners to safely proceed without a traditional locate, but in most cases you need to have locates arranged. We can also arrange locates for you as we have a great relationship with Ontario One Call but this will possibly add to wait times if the minimum 5 business day notice cannot be given.

Think of Scheduling in Ranges

There are a lot of instances where vacuum excavation arises as an immediate need, it’s one of the main reasons our fleet is as big as it is, because we need to accommodate those scenarios.

However, if you’re in the planning phase of an excavation and recognize you require vacuum excavation, our team can work together with you do determine the best timelines for your schedule across a range of days that will best suit your target dates. Having the best possible equipment for the job will always be more cost effective than taking whatever is available in a pinch – so if you can plan ahead, you can plan on saving.

Site Specific Elements

We come across so many site restrictions and barriers to work that we’re not at all surprised by them. One of our greatest strengths is having teams and crews who are able to solve problems and scenarios with experiential discernment. However, if we know ahead of time that there are distance restrictions, we can bring extra hose; if there is specific training required, we can dispatch the proper crews; if there are regulatory restrictions that need to be upheld, we can send the proper equipment – we have the right crews and we have the right tools for your specific safe-dig excavation project.



We have been serving Ontario’s utilities, municipalities, construction, and infrastructure industries for over 20 years, so we understand the everchanging landscape of your jobsite and we are equipped to handle just about any situation that you may encounter. Our customer support team is here to help you manage your projects efficiently, and with these 5 key elements in mind when scheduling equipment, we can have a positive impact on your project’s timelines and overall costs.

No matter what your construction requirements are, we have the right tools for your project, the right people to get the job done and we produce the results that ensure our clients are happy.

We proudly service the GTA, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Newmarket, London, Cambridge, and Tri-City areas. If you have any further questions, contact us at or call our Book-A-Truck hotline.