Super Sucker Hydro Vac Service celebrates Dig Safe Month!

April 1st marked the official start of Dig Safe Month as designated by the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA) and its members.

“(Dig Safe Month) is dedicated to raising awareness of safe digging practices across the province to improve safety and reduce damages to underground plant.

Dig Safe Month is designed to coincide with the unofficial start of spring digging season and to serve as a reminder to homeowners and contractors that they need to call before they start digging. Throughout April, ORCGA members and geographic councils hold local campaigns across the province to spread awareness about:

1.      Call Before You Dig

2.      Wait for Locates

3.      Respect the Marks

4.      Dig with Care

Ensuring the safety of those who work or live in the vicinity of underground facilities and protecting vital services is everyone’s responsibility.”


As hydro vacuum excavation specialists, we work around underground infrastructure every day.  Our field operatives and technicians undertake extensive, ongoing safety training specific to a variety of underground facilities, including gas, hydro, and communications.  With our expertise and innovative equipment, we are often called upon to work in dangerous and critical situations that are a direct result of someone else’s unsafe digging practices.   We have witnessed firsthand the damage done and the consequences –including personal injuries, property damage, and service interruptions to the public.

Super Sucker is helping to spread the safe digging message by participating in a various ORCGA initiated events around Ontario, including the Dig Safe Month Kickoff events in London, Mississauga, and St. Catharines.  We are also joining other ORCGA members at several Home Depot locations later this month, talking to homeowners and contractors, reminding everyone to “call before you dig” and to follow safe digging practices.  We are even holding our own Dig Safe Breakfast event for all of our employees, asking them to help educate their friends, family, and neighbours.

As an ORCGA sponsor, we share in the vision of making Ontario

the safest jurisdiction with the most reliable infrastructure in North America…and that to accomplish this goal, we need to work together – damage prevention is a shared responsibility”.


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