With COVID-19’s ability to spread and live on surfaces for an extended period of time, it’s more important than ever to keep public outdoor areas clean. From transit shelters to airports to commercial buildings, our technologically advanced fleet of vacuum excavation and support service equipment can help make that happen.

The Importance of Completing Facility Maintenance

Even before our current global pandemic, municipalities and key stakeholders needed to ensure that surfaces found in outdoor common areas and on building exteriors were cleaned to the highest of standards. Failure to do so could create hazards to customers and community residents and create liabilities.

The addition of coronavirus has heightened awareness on the need to maintain proper cleanliness levels. To keep the germs at bay, disinfecting surfaces that are frequently touched and used is necessary. But not just any disinfectant will do – an appropriate cleaning product is required to protect against the spread of this infectious disease.

Super Sucker: An Essential Service Provider of Advanced Sanitation Services

Although traditionally used to safely remove, excavate and extract material in a wide assortment of settings, Super Sucker’s diverse fleet is now ready to join the fight against the coronavirus.

Our mobile units can effectively clean and sanitize outdoor surfaces including public transit shelters, parks and playgrounds, commercial buildings, churches, restaurants, airports, and other common areas. Our liquid storage and pumping systems combine higher water temperatures and a disinfectant mixture to confidently eradicate the COVID-19 virus.

Pressurized water is provided for spraying and washing, and an onboard vacuum power system can be utilized to dispose of any remaining water on-site.

Wide Range of Equipment Available

To be able to provide effective disinfectant on a range of outdoor surface areas, we have two different units available: A Standard Hydrovac Unit and an XL Hydrovac Unit.

With its ability to hold 1,000 gallons of water in the main tank and an additional 800 gallons in the debris tank, our Standard Hydrovac Unit performs a high-pressure wash that sprays up to 3,500 PSI. Our XL Hydrovac Unit uses the same high-pressure wash but can hold an additional 1,700 gallons of water in its debris tank.

Both units can heat water up to 155 degrees Fahrenheit and employ a rotating nozzle to prevent surface damage.

Highly Trained Crews

Our highly trained and experienced crews have received specialized training, providing them with the proper skillset to protect outdoor services from coronavirus. Newly developed protocols that respect social distancing combined with our current safe work practices ensure our crews work safely in the communities we serve.

Additional Uses for Our Fleet

With salting and sanding now complete for another year, spring is the perfect time to complete an advanced cleaning of catch basins, storm drains, manholes, and other facilities. To prevent flash flooding, it’s best to complete this service before the spring rain.

To learn more about the sanitation and maintenance services we provide, contact us today.