Hydro vac excavation is one of the most popular ways to excavate soil and ground matter in Ontario. Super Sucker Hydro Vac Service Inc. has a vast and versatile fleet available to best serve your next industrial project, with a wide variety of applications and benefits.

Hydro Vac Excavation in Ontario

The process of hydro vac excavation begins by inserting water into the planned excavation area before allowing the pressure to flow through. With the assistance of an air conveyance or vacuum, the unwanted soils or excavated materials are transferred to a debris tank located on the truck.

The resulting excavated area created from hydro vac excavation is much more precise and allows utilities and underground infrastructure to be exposed without damage.

Applications of Hydro Vac Excavation

Laying utilities for underground facilities and subsurface utilities is difficult and dangerous. It can result in damage to underground pipes, lines, and cables, which in turn creates safety concerns and increases operational costs. Hydro vac excavation is a great solution for safely and quickly exposing underground infrastructure that may or may not be mapped. The many applications of hydro vac excavation include:

  • Sign, Pole and Line Installation and Location: Since hydro vac excavation equipment can be productive at long range, congestion in high-traffic areas can be avoided, and efficiencies can be created in the excavation area for signs, poles, and lines.
  • Pipe and Sewer Rehabilitation: Damages to, or punctures in plumbing systems are greatly reduced, resulting in a more efficient project.
  • Daylighting: The process of daylighting – locating underground facilities such as gas lines and pipelines – can be completed safely and save a lot of unforeseen costs since not all utilities get properly marked and mapped out.
  • Frozen Ground: With the help of onboard heaters, hydro vac excavators can dig in practically any type of soil, even when it’s frozen. They can also excavate up to a distance of nearly 600 feet from the actual truck, gaining access to areas that are otherwise restricted.
  • Landscaping: Minimal disruption occurs to the surrounding soil around an area being landscaped. The use of a hydro vac trucks are also approved by the arboriculture industry to be used within Tree Protection Zones (TPZ).
  • Debris Collection: Unlike mechanical excavation, which merely moves debris within the worksite, hydro vac excavation efficiently excavates and collects debris at the same time. Whether it removes hard-packed clay, gravel, sand or ice, transportation and disposal of the material is included in the excavation.

Benefits of Hydro Vac Excavation

Hydro vac trucks provide a fast, safe, minimally invasive and flexible way to excavate material from sensitive and difficult to reach areas. Unlike traditional mechanical excavation methods, using a hydro vac truck leaves buried infrastructure, utilities, and plant matter undisturbed.

Job site efficiency increases since less unnecessary material is removed from the ground during the project, and with soft-digging, any time delays normally caused by accidental damage to underground facilities are eliminated.

Being safer than conventional hand digging, hydro vac trucks reduce most hazards that accompany excavation work, which helps avoid costly insurance, workplace injuries and even deaths. With fewer workplace accidents and risks, a company’s reputation and profitability often increase.


If your excavation project requires accurate digging in utility-dense areas, or mandates soft-digging as opposed to mechanical digging, the safest and most efficient way to get the job done is by using a hydro vac.

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