Keeping Our Communities Safe

One of the key drivers to municipal, public works, or environmental bids is finding ways to reduce operational costs on construction and maintenance work. Which is why an increasing number of government organizations are requesting the use of vacuum excavation equipment for a wide selection of applications.

Increasing Efficiency Through Safe Digging Practices

Hydrovac excavation, as well as dry suction excavation equipment is well known for its ability to increase efficiency when digging, but through the years it has solidified its title as being the safest way to excavate in proximity to underground infrastructure.

It’s unfortunate that utility strikes still occur at a very high rate on municipal and residential maintenance and construction. But municipal project managers are recognizing the correlation between implementing vacuum excavation and preventing incidents. Having a focus on the safety factors of jobs that require excavation around buried utilities, and utilizing COR certified organizations like Super Sucker, gets this type of work completed faster. These efficiencies make room in the season to get more work done in our communities, for less.

Managing The Waste For Further Cost Savings

Super Sucker continues to stay current with industry regulations like excess soil legislation. It invests heavily into the research and development of new equipment and processes to manage the environmental impact of any construction or maintenance project. With facilities available to recycle excavated materials, along with new advanced dry vac technology that allows for excavated materials to be reused or stored on site. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that the municipalities we serve across Ontario are meeting all expectations for operational costs, timelines, and safety.

We Love To Work In The Cities We Live In!

Serving the GTA for over 20 years, our organization has developed a lot of great relationships. That’s why we take great care on our jobsites – because we live in the communities we serve. Contact Super Sucker Hydro Vac Service today for a quote on safe and cost effective vacuum excavation in your municipality.